Rude Rebel Radio - Download AXE-DD003


Recorded in 1984, this 2-Tone Ska time capsule contains the best of California Ska, from it's least known band. Heavily influenced by The English Beat, The Kyber Rifles paved the way for ska in California's central valley.


  1. Turn For Truth
  2. City Girl
  3. 100 Problems
  4. Revolutionaires
  5. Carrie Cash
  6. Rock Head
  7. A Million Faces
  8. Rawhide Ska
  9. Double Agent
  10. Rude Rebel Radio
  11. Ivan
  12. Mark's Musical
  13. In The High School
  14. Midnight Shadows
  15. Never Forget You
  16. Reggae One
  17. Generation Gap